Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Daily Soup for Wednesday, April 2nd

Kid Vocabulary Word of the Day:


verb [dík tàyt, dik táyt]
1. speak aloud words to be written: to speak the words of a text or letter to be written, either to somebody writing it down as it is spoken, or into a tape recorder for later transcription
2. rule or control other people: to rule over or make decisions for others with absolute authority, or attempt to do so
dictates their every move
3. control something: to have control over something (usually passive)
The decision to go will be dictated by the weather conditions.

noun [dík tàyt]
1. command given: an order telling people what they must do
dictates received from their superiors
2. governing principle: a rule or principle that governs how people behave
the dictates of fashion

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